Based in Trenčianska Turná, HEITEC Slovensko, spol. s.r.o. belongs to a group of 21 members representing the company in a number of European countries.


The company focuses on complex turnkey solutions in the following areas:


  • Automation of machines and processes (automotive, electrical, engineering, and pharmaceutical industries)
  • Development of measuring and testing technology
  • Application software development
  • Services for the design of electrical equipment
  • Services for the design of mechanical parts for equipment
  • Computer programming for PLC systems



HEITEC Slovensko, spol. s.r.o, started operations in April 1996, as part of the HEITEC AG group, based in Erlangen. The HEITEC AG concern was founded by Richard Heindl, in 1984.


The HEITEC group of companies employs more than 1000 specialists, mainly in the engineering and technical fields. In HEITEC Slovensko, spol. s.r.o, currently work 30 specialists.


  • Our company's main philosophy is to consistently focus on our customers and their needs.
  • We emphasize flexibility in fulfilling customers’ requirements.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main goal.